How to Use Cheap Stock Images Effectively

Many think that stock photos are expensive. That may be true before, but the proliferation of microstock agencies has changed it. With millions of images in every stock site, you will find various kinds for very low prices. Some images are creepy. Some are borderline weird. And if you do not search thoroughly, you can end up with generic images. Thus, it is important that you know how to find and use cheap stock images correctly.

When used properly, cheap stock images can enhance your content, design or material. They can attract more visitors to your website or blog and increase your rate of conversion. In a word, they can be the solution to the image problem you might have with your content. Here are some do’s and don’ts in using stock images for your marketing strategies.

  • Check the rights and licenses of the images. Read the rights and licenses of your images to avoid making a mistake. You can find all the information you need as well as further data on image release from your chosen stock photo agency. If there is something in the terms and conditions that you do not understand, contact the agency.
  • Give credit where it is due. You do not have to do it all the time, but sometimes giving credit to the contributor is necessary. All the necessary information about this clause can be read on the terms and conditions. Why should you do it? It is not only a sign of politeness but a legal requirement as well.
  • Choose images that fit your brand. With an endless amount of stock photos in market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. When choosing the right cheap stock images for your content, make sure they fit the style of your website and the concept of your message.
  • Do not use generic images. Some stock photos are so generic that you can hear them screaming “stock photos”. These photos are over-posed and unnatural. You must stay away from them. You can also un-stock them by customizing the image with a certain crop or well-chosen filter, provided you have the license to make modifications.
  • Consider candid shots. Candid shots are relatable. They more humanized compared to modeled shots. Many stock images have models staring directly to the camera with exaggerated expressions. Thus, they are less believable. On the other hand, candid shots look more natural.

There are many other tips on how to effectively use cheap stock images. They include the use of CTA images and high quality images. There are also images to avoid such as clichéd images and those that do not relate well to your message and style. If you are looking for the best images to enhance your content, visit a good stock photo agency.    

Which Celebrity Pictures Gallery Should You Browse?


Are you looking for celebrity pictures for your blog or website? You may already know that the Internet if filled with millions of high quality images, including those of famous people. You may also think that you can just download an image in any celebrity pictures gallery – whether it is Google’s or a stock photo website’s collection. But, which gallery should you choose to browse for premium content? Let us help you with that.

  • Google. Google Image Search allows you to search for any image you desire. It is considered as the most comprehensive image search on the Internet. In fact, it may have the widest collection of images around the world. It also features search filters that help you narrow down your choices via Advanced Image Search. Here, you can filter images according to size, type, colors and many more. However, not all images are free to use.

If you are looking for royalty-free images, you may want to skip Google. While it has a very large pool of images, not all of them have licenses. Images without licenses are a source of trouble. Not only will you face serious damages to your reputation, you can also face hefty charges. The same is true with celebrity photos. You need a license or permission to use the images to avoid getting sued.

  • Stock Photo Agency. The best celebrity pictures gallery you should get your images from is stock photo agency’s gallery. Stock photo sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock offer celebrity photos with Editorial licenses. This means you can use the images in your blogs and websites. However, if you are planning to print them on mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise for sale, you will have to get permission from the celebrity him or herself.

What if the celebrity is already dead? Where will you get the permission from? Based on the right to publicity or personality, if the celebrity has been to proven to have commercial value, the right is passed on their next of kin. For instance, you are looking to use Michael Jackson’s photo on your cereal products. You should ask permission from the King of Pop’s children, where you may be asked to give up part of your profit.

You may think that Google images are free to use, but they are not. You may face serious consequences due to your failure to observe copyright laws. Although you do not have to pay for anything with Google, you may lose more when faced with a copyright violation case. That’s why we recommend getting your images from celebrity pictures gallery of stock photo websites. The images may cost more, but you can be sure that the copyright police is not chasing you anytime soon.

Understanding the Contrast of Cheap Stock Images

sea turtle cheap stock image

Are you planning to add text or graphics to your stock photos? If you are, then you should consider choosing cheap stock images from these sites with areas of low contrast. You should be able to identify these areas as well. Let us say, you want to add a catchy quote to your images. The ideal cheap photos for this project are those with low contrast areas so that your text will have an even and consistent backdrop.

Also referred to as text-friendly images, cheap stock photos with low contrast areas do not affect the design of the image when you add text or graphics. That’s why it is often used in blogs of popular websites like SlideShare. In other ways, cheap photos with areas of low contrast make it possible for your text and graphics to have high contrast with the photos.

For instance, a stock photo cheap with different shades of blue could have low contrast. So, when you add white text on top, the text will have high contrast against the blue color. If you want to add white text to your photos, make sure that they have darker colors. On the other hand, if want to add dark graphics to your images, make sure the images have lighter colors.

Consider the Color Wheel

Color WheelWhen choosing contrasting colors for your text, graphics and images, you should take a look at the color wheel. Select colors opposite one another on the color wheel to create a contrasting effect. So, you can choose an ideal stock photo cheap that focuses on one color and text or graphics that focuses on its opposite. For instance, you pick an image that focuses on blue and use orange text or graphics.

The key in understanding the contrast of cheap stock images is clarity and legibility. Typically, the text or graphics added onto your image becomes the most important visual aspect. If you will be adding strong effects such as blurring, darkening or lightening, you do not need to think much about the content of your image. You only need something that will make your text and graphics pop out.

When placing elements on top of your cheap stock photos, you need to consider contrast and understand its importance. Text, when placed over non-contrasting colors, will be difficult to read. For instance, it is impossible to read your message of it is written on white text and placed over an image with white areas. While it may be visible on the darker areas, it is not detectable in white areas.

Understanding the contrast of cheap stock images does not only result to an attention-grabbing design. It also makes sure that your readers are able to get your message.

Download Images on your Apple Devices with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

shutterstock_appAre you an avid fan of Apple? You can now get Shutterstock for your iPad or iPhone. Explore, discover and create amazing content with your Apple devices. Yes, that is right. Shutterstock allows you to browse through its library of over 60 million creative files. It also lets you create and share lightboxes on the go easily. Moreover, it lets you download the images to your device.

Do you need an account to access the application? Using the Shutterstock App, you do not need an account to explore and discover images. But, if you decide to create lightboxes and share them with other users, you need to log in with your username and password. If you do not have an account, you can easily create a free browsing account within the application. Currently, the website only supports iPad and iPhone.

Shutterstock_2012_logoWith a Shutterstock account, you can create lightboxes using your Shutterstock App. What are lightboxes? They are collections of images created by users like you. They help you organize your selections for easy access and download. You can also view and edit lightboxes associated with your account. Moreover, you can share your lightboxes with other users. In a word, lightboxes make your Shutterstock experience extra special.

Probably the most important question in your mind right now is if you can download images to your Apple device. The answer is a resounding YES! You can download photos and illustrations directly to your iPhone or iPad using your paid Shutterstock account. However, downloading vectors and other EPS files are currently not supported. If you have no subscription plan yet, visit the Shutterstock website from your computer to purchase a plan.

Do you need to pay to get the Shutterstock App? No, you do not have to. The application is free. You can download it via the website or iTunes. Downloading creative files has never been easier with the mobile integration of Shutterstock. Unfortunately, the app does not support Shutterstock footage at the moment. You can only search, view and download the images collection.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

shutterstock coupon code

With a Shutterstock coupon code, you can now get further discounts on your downloads via Apple devices. You can these coupon codes from many website. Be sure that you are dealing with only those affiliated with Shutterstock, such as What are you waiting for? Get your Shutterstock coupon now and enjoy discounted downloads to your Apple devices.

With this innovation, users can download images on the go. This gives them more time to work on their creative projects. And with the Shutterstock coupons, they can get more savings. Clearly, the website has raised the bar with this integration.