About Jamie

Hi, this is Jamie and I would like to extend my thank you to all my followers, subscribers and readers of this blog. I thank you for always visiting me here and for every minute that you have spent to my blog, reading some of my tutorials. Here, you can find who really I am and what I am into. You can see some of my portfolios here. You can see some of my photos that were taken since my photography career. By the way, I have started my hobby being a photographer since 1999 and until today. Yeah! That’s more than 15 years already and I am glad about it. I have learned so many things about photography through YouTube tutorials and self learning. If you are serious about it you will really feel that you are a pro, though I am not 🙂 Anyway, thank you again and if you would like to use some of my photos, feel free to use them but make sure to send me a message using the form found on this page.