Which Celebrity Pictures Gallery Should You Browse?


Are you looking for celebrity pictures for your blog or website? You may already know that the Internet if filled with millions of high quality images, including those of famous people. You may also think that you can just download an image in any celebrity pictures gallery – whether it is Google’s or a stock photo website’s collection. But, which gallery should you choose to browse for premium content? Let us help you with that.

  • Google. Google Image Search allows you to search for any image you desire. It is considered as the most comprehensive image search on the Internet. In fact, it may have the widest collection of images around the world. It also features search filters that help you narrow down your choices via Advanced Image Search. Here, you can filter images according to size, type, colors and many more. However, not all images are free to use.

If you are looking for royalty-free images, you may want to skip Google. While it has a very large pool of images, not all of them have licenses. Images without licenses are a source of trouble. Not only will you face serious damages to your reputation, you can also face hefty charges. The same is true with celebrity photos. You need a license or permission to use the images to avoid getting sued.

  • Stock Photo Agency. The best celebrity pictures gallery you should get your images from is stock photo agency’s gallery. Stock photo sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock offer celebrity photos with Editorial licenses. This means you can use the images in your blogs and websites. However, if you are planning to print them on mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise for sale, you will have to get permission from the celebrity him or herself.

What if the celebrity is already dead? Where will you get the permission from? Based on the right to publicity or personality, if the celebrity has been to proven to have commercial value, the right is passed on their next of kin. For instance, you are looking to use Michael Jackson’s photo on your cereal products. You should ask permission from the King of Pop’s children, where you may be asked to give up part of your profit.

You may think that Google images are free to use, but they are not. You may face serious consequences due to your failure to observe copyright laws. Although you do not have to pay for anything with Google, you may lose more when faced with a copyright violation case. That’s why we recommend getting your images from celebrity pictures gallery of stock photo websites. The images may cost more, but you can be sure that the copyright police is not chasing you anytime soon.