Download Images on your Apple Devices with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

shutterstock_appAre you an avid fan of Apple? You can now get Shutterstock for your iPad or iPhone. Explore, discover and create amazing content with your Apple devices. Yes, that is right. Shutterstock allows you to browse through its library of over 60 million creative files. It also lets you create and share lightboxes on the go easily. Moreover, it lets you download the images to your device.

Do you need an account to access the application? Using the Shutterstock App, you do not need an account to explore and discover images. But, if you decide to create lightboxes and share them with other users, you need to log in with your username and password. If you do not have an account, you can easily create a free browsing account within the application. Currently, the website only supports iPad and iPhone.

Shutterstock_2012_logoWith a Shutterstock account, you can create lightboxes using your Shutterstock App. What are lightboxes? They are collections of images created by users like you. They help you organize your selections for easy access and download. You can also view and edit lightboxes associated with your account. Moreover, you can share your lightboxes with other users. In a word, lightboxes make your Shutterstock experience extra special.

Probably the most important question in your mind right now is if you can download images to your Apple device. The answer is a resounding YES! You can download photos and illustrations directly to your iPhone or iPad using your paid Shutterstock account. However, downloading vectors and other EPS files are currently not supported. If you have no subscription plan yet, visit the Shutterstock website from your computer to purchase a plan.

Do you need to pay to get the Shutterstock App? No, you do not have to. The application is free. You can download it via the website or iTunes. Downloading creative files has never been easier with the mobile integration of Shutterstock. Unfortunately, the app does not support Shutterstock footage at the moment. You can only search, view and download the images collection.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

shutterstock coupon code

With a Shutterstock coupon code, you can now get further discounts on your downloads via Apple devices. You can these coupon codes from many website. Be sure that you are dealing with only those affiliated with Shutterstock, such as What are you waiting for? Get your Shutterstock coupon now and enjoy discounted downloads to your Apple devices.

With this innovation, users can download images on the go. This gives them more time to work on their creative projects. And with the Shutterstock coupons, they can get more savings. Clearly, the website has raised the bar with this integration.